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The British Kashmiri Medical Association(BKMA) is an association of healthcare professionals of Kashmiri origin residing in UK. It has no political or religious affiliations and membership is open to all doctors/dentists and healthcare professionals of Kashmiri origin.

Our overriding purpose is to improve and enhance patient care and patient outcome in the UK and abroad, with the particular focus on Kashmir. This purpose informs everything we do.


About BKMA

The objects of the BKMA are restricted specifically for the public benefit to:

The promotion of health and well being by the provision of medical supplies and equipment, in particular but not exclusively to Kashmir.

The advancement of education in healthcare by the provision of information, training and advice in particular but not exclusively in Kashmir and the UK.

The relief and assistance of people in any part of the world including Kashmir who are the victims of war or natural disaster, disease, trouble or catastrophe by the supply of humanitarian aid, including the supply of medical aid, to such people.




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