زُوٕ اۆر جَحان اۆر

The BKMA is an association of healthcare professionals of Kashmiri-origin resident in the UK. It has no political or religious affiliations and membership is open to all doctors/dentists and allied healthcare professionals of Kashmiri origin.


  1. To build a network of UK Kashmiri healthcare professionals to promote and  share good clinical practice in the UK and abroad, with particular focus in Kashmir.
  2. To support initiatives and improve standards of governance of healthcare in Kashmir.
  3. To promote links with healthcare professionals and institutions in Kashmir.
  4. To raise funds and hold charitable events to support and promote health initiatives and other humanitarian causes in Kashmir.
  5. To organise conferences in the UK and abroad (including Kashmir) to share research studies, good clinical practice and raise awareness of public health issues.
  6. To promote cohesion through academic and social gatherings and networking.
  7. To promote collaboration with medical professional bodies and work jointly with other organisations whose aims and objectives are in line with those of the BKMA.
  8. To provide pastoral and financial support, career advice, mentorship and build confidence in our members.
  9. To provide grants and bursaries(criteria to be agreed) to doctors, dentists and allied healthcare professionals of Kashmiri origin.

A Welcome from our President

Greetings to all

It is my great pleasure as Interim President of the British Kashmiri Medical Association to welcome you to our newly launched website. We are in our first year, having attracted over 130 members and are still growing. Visitors to this site are encouraged to read our mission statement, terms of reference and invite others to join us.

The BKMA is still in its infancy with interim office bearers and an executive board that are hardworking and enthusiastic in driving us forward to meet our aims and provide for our members and supporters.Due to the unprecedented climate, our current focus has shifted to raising awareness about prevention and management of SARS-COVID-19 amongst the public in Kashmir. Current initiatives include:

  •  Video messages propagated widely via social media, reaching thousands of people in  Kashmir and publicised widely by various media outlets
  •  The creation of clinical and burial guidelines for COVID-19 patients in Kashmir
  •  Liaising with charities in the UK and Kashmir to help support those affected in their health and economically post-COVID
  •  Creation of healthcare Whatsapp groups and online forums to provide clinical advice
  •  I would like to congratulate the BKMA team and our members on a fruitful first year. We   will continue to work on initiatives for our members and supporters, promoting  professional bonds and good medical practice amongst the Kashmiri healthcare community globally.

With best wishes,

Dr Farooq Ahmed Wandroo


Interim President, BKMA

History of BKMA :

The BKMA was originally established in 2000 as a UK based voluntary organisation for doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals of Kashmiri origin living in UK and Europe (Chaired by the Late Dr Tariq Nazki).

The basic binding strand of this organisation was the promotion, coordination and support to facilitate the understanding and fraternal bonds among Kashmiri medical and related professionals, education of the public in general regarding health issues and to hold regular post graduate educational programmes for its members in the UK, Europe and Kashmir in the form of medical conferences of international standards.

Highlights of its work:

First major International conference at Oberoi Hotel, Srinagar In the year 2000, attended by over 200 delegates.

 Ali Jan Memorial Cancer Conference in the year 2004, at SKICC. Over 500 delegates from all over the world attended (Patron Prof G. J. Mufti).

Facilitated the Kashmiri Medical Relief Trust  to spend approx £150k  for various healthcare related charitable projects in Kashmir

Conducted local seminars and health education events in UK and Kashmir.

Late Dr Nisar Bakshi

Gen Secretary previous BKMA

Awards and Achievements

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