Dr Farooq A Wandroo


I am a consultant haematologist at Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, Birmingham, and a senior lecturer at University of Birmingham Medical school. I m currently head of chemotherapy services for the Trust and clinical research lead for haemato-oncology. I have been in NHS for more than 25 years and consultant at SWBH Trust for over 15 years.


I am also a clinical tutor and heavily involved in teaching and supervising undergraduates and postgraduates at both Birmingham and Aston medical schools.

I am also a MRCP co- host examiner in addition a medical examiner for investigations of mortality.

I am a member of the British and American society for haematology, member of National T- cell working group and chair of a number of charities like, Cancer group for the South Asian Health Foundation and the British Kashmiri charitable foundation (BKCF). I also work for Myeloma UK charity and am Patron for Midland Metropolitan (MMH) myeloma support group.

I am also the interim president of the British Kashmiri Medical Association ( BKMA) which is a national professional association of medics of Kashmiri origin in UK.

My best Achievements in year 2020/21

During the current unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic most of the focus of research shifted from mainstream to COVID-19. This was the need of the hour and I also got curious to learn about COVID-19 and contribute. I was particularly moved by seeing our immunocompromised patients and patients from minorities and poor social groups succumbing to this disease.

In addition to writing a number of articles in press, heartbeat, social media as well as British medical Journal online

I collaborated with colleagues in the region and collected data on outcome of haematology patients affected by COVID-19  and managed to publish our experience of COVID-19.(see publications)

I also started my own COVID-Laboratory study at SWBH together with colleagues in Lab, and Aston and Wolverhampton University, besides being co-investigator for ILIAD COVID, Anticoagulant arm of REMAP-CAP study as well as COVID PACE AML study. I am the chief investigator for the SWBH COVID Lab study. We collected data on over 1000 COVID patients during first wave of infections and analysed laboratory abnormalities in all COVID -19 patients .We were particularly interested in looking at differences in different ethnic groups. The results were fascinating showing Neutrophil/lymphocytes ratio of >7.5 was associated with mortality in all ethnic groups. In BAME groups age more than 60 years and diabetes was associated with mortality. We made recommendation that control of diabetes should be addressed in ethnic minority patients and they should vaccinated on priority. This study has been published in international Journal of laboratory haematology. We also analysed Covid in pregnant patients at SWBH and presented this as a poster at British Society of Haematology in April 2021, and have submitted the study since, showing Apgar score is correlated with severity of COVID infection.

I campaigned for Covid awareness and vaccine campaign both locally as well as internationally, throughout year 2020/2021. I wrote in press, newspapers, heartbeat and produced a number of videos to educate public about Covid and vaccines. I participated in a number of Covid and vaccine awareness webinars which were telecast/webcasted on social media. I have been awarded for this by the national SFI faith Institution for community vaccine campaign. I have also written a position statement on vaccines for BKMA website

I with other colleagues from Kashmir and BKMA organised and chaired a large seminar for doctors in Kashmir India, on Covid management with the help of ITU team at Sandwell and Kent, which was attended by > 70 doctors and students from Medical College Srinagar Kashmir, and other local hospitals

I also set up a hot email for cancer patients at SWBH and produced in-house vaccine awareness leaflets for cancer patients, which was distributed to all cancer patients and also published on social media as well trust Heartbeat, which has been helpful to our patients

6.I also through my charity BKCF raised thousands of pounds  for PPES and equipment’s , ventilators, concentrators to help hospitals in Kashmir, India to cope with COVID Patients. These have been delivered in different hospitals and the work is still on going. This has made a huge difference to patient care there.

I also participate in online Covid remote help-for patients in Kashmir, throughout 2020/21, provided remote monitoring by pulse oximeters and oxygen concentrators at home.. That has made a huge difference to work load in hospitals there during COVID climate.

I also qualified as a medical examiner in year 2020 by completing RC Path medical examiners course and have been awarded FRCPathME as a designation. This has helped me to review all deaths particularly COVID deaths during 2020 as medical examiner and helped contribute to Trusts learning from death experience.

 For the  current Year  2021

  1. I am continuing with the current Covid-19 research on 2nd wave patients, including pregnant patients’ .The paper has been submitted for publication this year.
  2. In addition I am collaborating with colleagues nationally on COVID vaccine efficacy trial in haematological malignancy patients. I am the Principal Investigator at our Trust for this trial. This will help us to understand whether COVID 19 vaccine is effective in immunocompromised patients.
  3. In addition I continue to expand the research portfolio for haematology patients during this difficult Covid -19 period

It is a great honour to be recognised by the trust and colleagues for my input. I appreciate it and am truly honoured

PUBLICATIONS in year 2020/21

  1. Submitted to Lancet (co-author)

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  1. Chief Investigator

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