The aim of BKMA is striving for excellence in healthcare and changing lives by improving physical and mental well-being of Kashmiris. With dedication and determination we can develop a unique bond between UK and Kashmiris healthcare fraternity.

 Medical EducationHere in UK our junior doctors, have a great privilege of being taught by people at the forefront of their profession. Our system offers them carefully planned teaching and experiences with experts and researchers in the field that develops their potential. Many doctors from Kashmiri origin have become leaders in clinical practice, research, teaching and authorising books and papers. British Kashmiri Physicians have frequently volunteered to provide medical services in Kashmir, setting up webinars to teach junior doctors back home etc… We strongly desire to bring together medics of Kashmir and exchange our experience and understanding of Medicine with them.

 Post Graduate Training:  The post graduate training has been evolving continuously for the past few years and we aim to keep our peers updated with the developments to include the requirements of the foundation training programme, core run through surgical, medical, dental and other allied health care training.

 CollaborationWe hope to be able to organise medical conferences in UK and Kashmir where we can present our projects and achievements, in order to share learning and experience between UK and Kashmir.

 Promotion of health in Kashmir: We aim to set up a platform where medical students and junior doctors can come together and organise charity fundraisers, awareness sessions and social events which can also benefit our community in Kashmir.