Please read and agree to the terms of Reference before submitting your form for membership of BKMA
• I am of Kashmiri heritage from the Valley of Kashmir.
• I reside in the United Kingdom.
• I am a practicing/ retired healthcare professional (including students and trainees) and am registered with the professional regulatory body relevant to the particular field of my healthcare.
• I am interested in furthering the purposes of the BKMA by applying for membership, and agree that as a member accept the duty of members set out in the BKMA constitution.
• I agree that the Membership of the BKMA cannot be transferred to anyone else.
• I agree to the statement that it is the duty of each member of the BKMA to exercise his or her powers as a member in the way he or she decides in good faith would be most likely to further the purposes of the BKMA.
• I am aware membership can be terminated if the member dies; or the member sends a notice of resignation to the charity trustees; or any sum of money owed by the member to the BKMA is not paid in full within six months of its falling due; or the trustees decide that it is in the best interests of the BKMA that the member in question should be removed from membership, and pass a resolution to that effect.
• If I am a clinical Attache or a PLAB applicant I will only have a provisional registration and shall not have an access to the full rights of BKMA member. I will ensure that I will apply for full registration once I have GMC Registration.
Yes I Agree
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